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Marketing with Google Plus, the benefits are far from dead

Posted by Jason Preston on

Before you jump on the Google+ is on the way out bandwagon, you might want to consider what this giant can still do for your practice today, particularly when it comes to SEO

Did you know over 300 million people use Google’s Social Media platform, Google Plus?

More important than the number of users remember that Google+ is Google!

 When it comes to the world of search engine optimization (people being able to find your site), Google+ rules over all other social media platforms.

The activity seen on your Google+ profile directly affects your search engine results.  Every bit of interaction add up to a major factor in how Google continues to measure site relevancy.  After all, an obviously active website, with a proper Google Local listing, proves that the site is trustworthy through consistent engagement.

Imagine someone has recently moved to your area. They have a dental emergency.  In pain, they instantly turn to their phone and type in, “Dentist in City Name.”  What happens next? 

Google pushes local listings to the top of those results based on a mix of shortest distance to travel and highest reviews.  Where do these results come from… Google+

 In the past these searches were able to be manipulated by third parties, today as Google+ grows in activity it becomes the central point for all Google Business products. 

 In summary, the application to dentistry is:

  1. It allows you to communicate with patients
  2. Peer to peer sharing of your posts to their network
  3. Google+ can help more people find your office by boosting your search engine optimization

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