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Branding For Dentists: Does It Really Matter?

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What Is Branding?

 Branding for Dentists

Whether you know it or not, your company already has a brand. So the question is, is it working for you or against you? People already perceive you as something. How confident are you that they see you the way you want them to?

Branding has been a very popular topic over the past five years, but what is a brand? Is it a logo? Is it the name of your practice?

A brand is so much more than those, and it should be part of the foundation on which a practice is built.

Your brand is tied to the emotional reaction people have when they think about your practice.

A brand is the sum of all the characteristics that make your offerings unique:

  • Reputation
  • Customer service
  • A promise
  • Price
  • Feeling
  • Attitude
  • Logo and marketing material
  • The dentistry


In summary, your brand is not only your reputation but also the emotions your patients have when they think of your office.

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Why Branding Matters

The way your patients see things affects the decisions they make.


In other words, you could be the best dentist in Texas, but if a patient walks into your practice and it looks run-down and you show up unshaven and wearing daisy dukes, what do you think the patient’s perception will be of your practice?


What about the super friendly doctor who has an ornery team member interacting with patients during most of their visit? Are they going to tell their friends how friendly the doctor and the staff are?


In a day when every patient has his own mountaintop to preach from, addressing such scenarios is more relevant than ever.


If you have a high-class office but your website looks ghetto, new patients’ perception of your office will be that it’s ghetto.

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