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Dental Office Branding Summary

Posted by Jason Preston on

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While it is sad to see, the shift toward corporate dentistry and the ever growing PPOs and HMOs are forcing the average practitioner to become more business-minded.


It’s a sad thing to see some of the most talented dentists struggle because of their lack of business experience

The truth is it’s OK; they don’t have to be. Many practices thrive simply by investing in the right people to “man the ship.”


When it comes to marketing, investing a little more in hiring someone who can focus on just two things—marketing and closing treatment—will be worth its weight in gold.


The next option I would recommend to help get the team focused is a good consultant.


As far as your creative efforts are concerned, marketing companies that understand branding never start any project without first trying to understand your brand.


Do not settle for a company that is mindlessly selling you advertising services, without understanding your brand, and objectives.

Your brand is valuable, it is the expression of your business, ensure it is working for you, not against you.



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