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MANGO'S SCORE OF THE MONTH - Panoura 18S - 3 in 1 Panoramic Sysytem

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The Panoura 18S digital x ray system:

The most practical advanced 2D and 3D dental imaging system. Ideal for doctors who need Panoramic, Ceph and 3D capabilities all in one compact, low-cost platform, with ability for future upgrades. 


Panoura 18S, EVASoft Imaging Software, In-Office Training
2-Year Limited Warranty including Limited Remote Technical Support 

Panoramic System

The panoramic is the core of the Panoura system. Truly flexible as it accurately self-selects the kV for each individual patient and for the utmost clarity.

CMOS Life  Sensor

The most important and expensive part of a digital panoramic system is the CMOS sensor. The Panoura has a built-in cooling system in the sensor housing to provide the longest lifespan for the on-board CMOS sensor.  Cooler sensors perform better, therefore results are optimized by using a sensor cooling system.


As fast as 6 seconds to as much as 16 seconds, panoramic acquisition is selected based on image resolution and patient size.


Completely unique...a panoramic x-ray that allows for in-office upgrades to Ceph and/or 3D. Variable rotation speeds, multiple 3D fields of view and fully motorized movement.

Auto Focus

With its unique auto focus function Panoura brings a patient’s anatomy into focus. This feature helps remove wash-out in the anterior region automatically. Once the radiograph is displayed on the monitor the operator is able to adjust the focal trough manually as he or she sees fit in order to display the best image. No more re-takes because patient positioning can be altered after the X-ray is taken and displayed.


Ideal for practices that provide orthodontic services.  Panoura 18S uses a single CMOS sensor technology to provide next generation imaging while still maintaining affordability. The Panoura uses a single CMOS sensor design that can be easily placed on the cephalometric arm or the panoramic port.

Multiple Fields of View

With its revolutionary method of acquiring multiple fields of view while only using one 3D sensor. With its worldwide patent on sensor motion, the Panoura has a sliding 3D sensor design that allows a user to acquire either field of view – 4cm x 5.5cm or 8cm x 5.5cm – based on the user’s selection.

Compact Design

The small footprint allows for even the smallest of spaces as there is just a 69” reach from side to side with a cephalometric arm in place.  With two mounting options, the Panoura, can be wall mounted or free standing using an optional base stand either with or without a cephalometric arm attachment.

    Sensor  Cadmium Telluride direct CMOS
    Levels of Gray 16-bit (65,536 or 64K)
    Exposure Times (Sec) 8, 14, 16 (Panoramic Adult)
    6, 11, 13 (Panoramic Child)
    4 x 2 (TMJ)
    8, 10 (Cephalometric)
    11.5 (3D Dent Mode)
    11.5 x 2 (3D Oral Mode)
    Magnification 1.2 - 1.29 (Panoramic, TMJ)
    Pixel/Voxel Size 100 μm square pixel (2D Modes)
    80 μm cubic voxel (3D Dent Mode)
    100 μm cubic voxel (3D Oral Mode)
    3D F.O.V. 4cm x 5.7cm (3D Dent Mode)
    7.7cm x 5.4 cm (3D Oral Mode)
    Focal Spot 0.5mm x 0.5mm


     Tube Voltage

    58 - 82 kVp

    Tube Current

    2 - 10 mA

    Power Supply

    120 VAC +/- 10% (20A)


    2 kVa

    Total Filtration

    2.5mm Aluminum

    Software Apps

    EVAsoft (Pan/Ceph)

    OnDemand3D (3D Modes)


    (Pan wall mounted) 287 lbs

    (Pan/3D wall mounted) 309 lbs

    (Pan/Ceph wall mounted) 375 lbs

    (Pan/Ceph/3D wall mounted) 397 lbs
    (Pan floor stand) 342 lbs
    (Pan/3D floor stand) 364 lbs
    (Pan/Ceph floor stand) 430 lbs
    (Pan/Ceph/3D floor stand) 452 lbs

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