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Spring "The Cure2" LED Cordless, All-Metal Dental Curing Light, White, Made in USA

Spring "The Cure2" LED Cordless, All-Metal Dental Curing Light, White, Made in USA

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Spring "The Cure 2" LED Cordless

All-Metal Dental Curing Light, Silver, Made in USA

The Cure 2, TC-CL II Premium cordless LED curing light has 4 diodes in the tip to provide multiple wavelength output, and allows for a 6-second cure, with a digital readout that can be timed between 2 and 20 seconds.

  • Provides 1200 mW/cm2 intensity with 2 different output modes
  • 6-second cure on most modern composite filling materials, shade A3 or lighter
  • Metal housing is durable, easy to disinfect and virtually unbreakable
  • Small and lightweight – 2.75 oz or 83 g, prevents fatigue
  • Unique, ergonomic shape provides a comfortable grip from any angle with a grip diameter of only .750" or 1.9 cm
  • Simple dual-switch operation providing easy operation in any position
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery provides mobile, cordless operation; a fully-charged battery provides 45 minutes of cure time (or 450, 10-second cures)
  • Long-life, high-performance battery can be easily changed at chair side
  • Specially coated to protect against fingerprints and stains


1 (8 mm) lens, 1 power supply, 1 corded handpiece, 1 instruction manual, 1 wrench, handpiece hanger, 2 light shields and 50 light sleeves


Manufacturer Name:     Spring Health Products

Manufacture No:     TC-CLII

Package Quantity:     1/Pkg

Overall Length:     8"

Overall Diameter:     1.9 cm

Weight:     2.75 oz or 83 gm

Operating Voltage:     5 V DC

Light Type:     LED

Light Intensity:     1200 mW/cm2

Maximum Light Wavelength:     465 nm

Minimum Light Wavelength:     440 nm

Power Programmable:     high setting, 1200mw/cm2 and low 600 mw/cm2 for step curing

Weight:     2.75 oz

Power Source:     Battery

Curing Cycle Time:     5 sec to 15 sec

Battery Type:     Lithium-Ion

Battery/Output:     45 minutes continuous run time

Number of Curing Modes:     2

DEA Schedule:     NA

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